Russian Standards and Measuring System

Knowing Russian measurements and standards is important when you come to Russia because they appear on signs, boards, in stores and markets.

Russian ClockRussian Standards of Time

Most cities in the European (or western) part of Russian territory, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg, are in the Moscow Time Zone. 11 meridians cross the Russian territory, so there are 11 time zones in Russia. That is why in some parts of Russia the New Year comes several hours earlier (up to 9) before they do in Moscow. Another peculiarity which you should remember if you travel to Russia is that according to Russian standards of time they quite often use military time in Russia, which means that after 12:00 at noon they count time as follows: 13:00 (1 p.m), 14:00 (2 p.m), etc.

Russian Electricity Standards

On the Russian territory they use electricity with the following characteristics: voltage of 220 V, and frequency of 50 Hz. If you are coming to Russia with appliances from any countries other than Russia, France or Germany, you will need an adapter because they use European wall outlets. In old buildings they may still have old Soviet wall outlets. An adapter is also required in this case. Since the voltage may be different from the voltage standard used in your country, you may also need a voltage converter. Most modern portable laptops already have one though. You can buy an adapter and a voltage converter in most international airports, before you even come to Russia.

Weight and Length Standards

Russian measuring system of length is metric (centimeters, meters and kilometers), so they do not use inches or feet in Russia. They use grams and kilograms as the measuring system of weight, and Russians are not familiar with ounces or pounds. Liquids are measured in liters, rather than gallons, though strangely enough alcoholic drinks are measured in grams. Do not forget about this when you buy gasoline in Russia, as it is also measured in liters (there are about 4 liters in a gallon).

Temperature Standard

Unlike in Fahrenheit-oriented countries, temperature in Russia is measured in Celsius, or Centigrade (which is a former name for Celsius). Or order to convert  Fahrenheit into Celcius, use the following formula: Celsius Temperature = (5:9) x (Fahrenheit Temperature-32). Or you can simply use the table below.