Choosing an Engagement Ring for a Russian Lady

According to the Western tradition, a couple usually buys an engagement ring and a wedding ring for the bride. In Russia there is no strict rule about it, and it usually depends on whatever the couple decides to do: have an engagement party and a wedding, or just the wedding. If money allows you, you may buy an engagement ring for a romantic proposal. But then you should also be prepared to buy another ring, because wearing a plain wedding band without a stone is the most common thing for a Russian lady after she gets married.

In the Orthodox tradition an engagement ring is worn by a Russian lady on the ring finger of the right hand. A married woman should also wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of her right hand. When the husband dies the ring is placed on the left hand to show that the woman is a widow. However, Russian girls that move abroad usually adopt the new tradition and wear the ring on the left hand.

If you want to choose an engagement ring that is right for your better half on your own, you should pay attention to some details. Look at the kind of jewelry she wears. Is it gold or silver? Does she prefer some particular gemstone? What is her favorite color? What is the shape of most of her jewelry? A Russian lady that likes gemstones with a sharp cut is usually not into oval or round shapes, and vice versa.

If you buy a ring in any country other than Russia, your girl may be surprised by its color. Russian gold is much different from the gold they use in other countries. Russian gold contains more copper which makes it redder, while gold alloys used in other countries are yellower.

It is hard to find out her ring size without asking her or her relatives. If she does wear a ring on her ring finger, it is much simpler. If she takes her ring off when she sleeps or takes a shower, you can put it on your finger and remember how far it can be put on. Then when you buy the actual engagement ring, you can try it on your finger and see if it fits.