Writing Good Sex Letters

 Expressing your desires in sex letters when you write to a foreigner can be quite risky. It is not only because different people have different preferences in sex, especially men and women in particular. It is also because in different cultures sex is different in general. Some sexual practices of the Western world are not so well accepted in other countries. When describing Russian sexual life, in particular, one can call Russian people more traditional and ordinary in bed than Western lovers. Men in Russia are more reserved sexually and express less love for women. That is why sexually Russian women are more attracted to foreigners. However, everything depends on your partner and her previous experience and sexual life too.

 The timing should be right

Sex letters involve sharing the most intimate thoughts with people who may not be ready for it. For example, your girlfriend may still have a very ideal, pure image of you as a smart, respectful gentleman or a prince on a white horse, which doesn't really go well with “moaning and thrusting” (pardon my French) which you mention in your sex letters. That is why unless you're looking only for online sex to diversify your sexual life, do not even mention this subject in your letters to your beloved one until the right time comes. Women are very sensitive to this. Sometimes mentioning sex in general can kill the romance and ruin the most beautiful online relationship. And this will prevent you from bringing it into real life.

 Virtual prelude

When you try writing sex letters for the first time and your partner likes doing it, try to please her, not yourself. In sexual messages it is all like in real life. Women like prelude. And virtual prelude is very-well appreciated too. That is why while men are more interested in action, women prefer reading little details and beautiful words.

 Respectful attitude

Respectful attitude is an important part of sex letters. Do not make your woman do things she wouldn't enjoy doing when she is with you in person. Women tend to project the virtual image of their lovers into reality. So you woman will believe that what you say in sex letters is what you do in real sexual life. If she is not into some of your kinky preferences (like BDSM or Femdom, let's say), she may still continue writing sex letters to you just out of curiosity or for fun, but she may not consider you as a future sexual partner any more.