How to Meet a Russian Chick Online?

The other day a friend of mine asked me a question: How can I meet a “Russian chick” online? After he explained to me his concern about scammers and girls who don’t understand English, I decided to write this article for him and other guys who are simply tired of scamming dating sites and other obstacles of traditional online dating.

So, we will not be talking about dating sites as the way to meet a Russian girl because, as you probably know already, some of them simply swarm with scammers. So let’s talk about some safe and efficient ways of meeting a Russian girl online.

Our goals:
 Find a true, real girl (not some dude who talks to you and asks for money).
 Find someone who actually speaks English.

So here are some “places” to meet a Russian chick online:

MySpace date

While most men tend to divert their attention to such an eye-candy as dating sites, they forget that many Russian girls can use free social networks. Search on MySpace. You can even filter results to choose where your MySpace date comes from. MySpace allows you to learn more about her and see her pictures before you make your move. Since MySpace is not very popular in Russia, there might be not that many Russian girls there, however, most of them definitely speak good English. You may even get lucky and find a Russian girl who is currently staying in your country. She will become your MySpace date till you meet in person.


People ask various questions on Yahoo!Answers. If you search for questions about Russia, you will notice that most people who reply are Russian who speak good English and may even live in your country. One of them may be a Russian chick or may have female Russian friends. Yahoo!Answers allows you to contact those who post or answer these questions, if you have an account and if they are open for communication. It is easier to start an acquaintance when you already know what the person is interested in.

Put a Public Ad

Once I saw an ad: some guy asked Russian girls to contact him for dating on a dating forum. Of course, the request was in English, so whoever contacted him had to speak good English. However, first of all you should create a new email, since you will most likely get a lot of spam and invitations from dating sites to join them. But in general, I see it as a good start.