Six Tips on How to Avoid Scammers on Dating Sites

Scammers attack dating sites daily looking for credulous preys and easy money. In these circumstances one always need to know how to expose scamming girls or simply how to avoid scammers because no one want to have a scam date. Here are some useful tips on how to do that.

Tip #1. Trust but verify!

A single vague suspicion is already a good reason to make a thorough research through scammer lists and establish the identity of the person you correspond with. Even better – don’t wait for any suspicions to come up, otherwise you risk to waist your time and money for someone who wants to take advantage of you. Nowadays internet provides an extensive database where you can find information about many scammers or even scamming dating sites on scammer lists.

Tip #2. Ask questions!

You can easily expose your “beloved” scammer by asking numerous questions about insignificant details. Scammers usually don’t tell stories taken from their own life – it seems safer for them to give someone else’s narrative and adapt it to their needs. Or at least they try to change it as much as possible. Just imagine how many fake stories they need to keep track of if they correspond to other guys like you. One day some detail might be missing or the scammer mixes up the things, and then you’ll know something’s wrong.

Tip #3. Get contact info!

Russian girlIt’s ok if girls don’t give you their home address, especially at the beginning of your correspondence. However if they did and you want to know if that’s a real one, just send a greeting card to that address without telling your date about it. You’ll know the result in about two to four weeks.

Anyways, you have a perfect right to know some contact information of the person you’ve been building an online relationship for some time. But don’t be fooled by a scammer who says she doesn’t trust you enough to give you a phone number – it can always be changed or she can block your phone number if you “misbehave”. =) If your date doesn’t even give you an Email address because she prefers to correspond through some site where you pay a membership fee, you MUST be suspicious as it can turn out to be a scamming site.

Tip #4. Ask for evidence!

Needless to say that most scammers don’t use their own names and don't want to reveal their identity either on reliable or on scamming dating sites. Most likely they don’t even post their own pictures. It is so easy to steal a picture from someone’s MySpace or FaceBook personal sites, and the girl will probably never know that she was a victim of an online "identity theft". So if you are not sure your online girlfriend is really that hot chick with angelic eyes in the picture, ask her to take a picture with her dear grandma she mentioned in the last letter, with her cute Chihuahua doggy or some local newspaper so that you could read the recent date on it. If you explain your concern about scammers and how many scamming girls are out there, a wise girl will most likely understand you and won’t make a big deal out of it. However if she drags it out or finds some ill-founded reasons why she can’t do that, she might be hiding something more than her grandma from you.

Tip #5. Beware of get-at-able women!

Deep affection at first sight is just too good to be true. If your internet date tells you how much she loves you and wants to have a family with you in her very first letters, don’t you think it’s quite unbelievable? Even though they do have strong family values, many modern Russian women think about their carrier first. So, stay away from extremely enamored ladies who yearn to move in with you and churn out babies right away. As a rule they teem on any scamming site.

Tip #6. Don’t be too generous!

You have to be aware that someone might be chasing after your money. That’s why you should never send money to anyone you’ve never met in person, no matter what ways of persuasion they use. Such a lame reason, as to buy a ticket and come to you, doesn’t work any more. You can always buy an e-ticket and there is no need to pay cash nowadays. Men, who give money to scammers that claim they pay for some expensive courses of English, probably don’t understand that a girl who doesn’t speak English well enough would hardly ever consider writing to a foreigner. Scammers will most likely try to make you feel guilty for being too careful and suspicious. Scamming girls can even claim you are heartless and stingy. However none of reasonable women will ever stand the humiliation and shame of asking a total stranger to send her money.

This article is not meant to convince you pursue or inspect every single lady you meet online. That way you might offend or scare away someone you’ve actually been looking for. However one should never close your mind against someone’s fraud and a scamming site. But at the same time it is always good to know where to stop.